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If there is an online casino gambling game more fast paced, action packed, and exciting as craps it is yet to be invented. Craps is a game of chance that has something for everyone and, beyond that, the fairest odds and lowest house edge available from an online casino.

Craps is a dice game, played with a pair of dice, in which the player rolling the dice, known as the “shooter” attempts to roll a seven or eleven on his first roll, known as the “come out” roll. If the shooter fails to roll a seven or eleven, he then tries and shoot for his “point,” which was established on his come out roll.



Gamblers at the craps table can wager on whether or not the gambler will make his point after the come out roll, which is known as a “pass” or “come” bet. If they want to bet against the shooter they can bet on the “don’t pass” or “don’t come” wagers. They can also wager before the come out roll and also wager on hard number rolls, such as a seven, or any other number for that matter.


Craps is often known for being a game within the game because of these many different wagers that a gambler can make. After the come out roll, for example, a player that bet “pass” can then further his bet once the point is established by taking the free odds offered by the house, which are based on what the point is. This is a must bet as, again, its free odds with no house edge, which is what makes craps so popular with professional gamblers.


Craps has been taken to a new and greater level with online casino gambling and you won’t find a better game to bet on!


Click Here for Craps Tutorial


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