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There are many forms of poker, from the well known No Limit Texas Hold’em, to Limit Hold’em, Omaha, Hi/Lo, Stud, and other variations and recent creations and spin offs. It has been said that poker takes an hour to learn but a lifetime to master. And with online casino poker available anytime day or night any day of the week, that lifetime of poker is being fulfilled for millions or gamblers around the globe.

Blackjack begins with you getting dealt two cards by the dealer. An ace is worth either one-point or even, your choice. The rest of the face cards, (king, queen, and jack), are worth ten-points. All of the numeric cards are worth the very number on their card. The goal is to get as close to the score of twenty one WITHOUT going OVER that number, which is known as going “bust.” If you are dealt an ace and a face card or ten that is known as a natural, as it’s a perfect twenty-one. Where online blackjack gets tricky is when you are in the sixteen or fifteen area after the first deal. Do you ask for and additional card or not. Seventeen is often more tricky as there is temptation despite the odds. This is what makes online blackjack the popular craze that it is!


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